We have tried to answer any questions you might have in our FAQs below, but if you can’t find what you need, or have any issues or problems, please contact us.

We currently offer 3 sizes of shield:

Small (250mm x 200mm)   £25

Medium (385mm x 310mm)   £35

Large (520mm x 416mm)   £55

Production Time up to 10 days.

Please remember that weekends do not count towards the process as it’s not a working day. These are our standard times, but this could increase if any unexpected delays occur or if we are in a busy period. 

If you are ordering for a special occasion, please allow additional time to ensure it will arrive on time.

All deliveries are made by Royal Mail 1st class at a price of £4.99

After you place your order we need around 10 working days for shield production and handling

This is what we aim for however this could exceed if any delays occur or if we are in a busy period. Weekends do not count towards the process as it’s not a working day.

We suggest to always order in advance if you need this for a special occasion.

Here are some tips for choosing the best image for your card:

  •  Your image should contain the person’s head, shoulders and chest. These should fill as much of the image as possible. 
  • The further away the subject is, the more likely your photo will be blurry or pixelated when printed.
  • Please try to select a photo where your subject is clearly visible against the background
  • Your image should be taken in good lighting if possible. 
  • Websites like Facebook, Instagram etc. reduce the quality of images when they store them online. Please use the original photo file wherever possible (from your phone or camera). 
  • If you didn’t take the photo, you can always ask whoever did to email you the original file.
  • The same applies for using screenshots and images received via Whatsapp or any other messaging platform. Please try to use the original file where possible.

If we notice your image is of poor quality, we will try to get in touch. But we cannot guarantee this. 

We’ll do the best we can with the image you give us but providing a suitable photo remains your responsibility.

Yes all you have to do is provide us with the full image and the background will be removed by one of our professionals. What you see on the website is just a preview and not the final design.

If you are unhappy with the condition of your shield when it arrives, please get in touch with our support team. 

You can do this by using the email or messenger option at the bottom of this article.

All orders are checked by us before delivery, however damage may occur in transit. If this is the case, please contact us.

Have you placed an order over 10 business days ago and it still has not been shipped?

First thing to do in this case is check all of your emails, including your spam folder for any emails from our team. If there has been any issues with your order our team would have emailed you about it. 

If you cannot find any emails from our team please use one of the contact buttons at the bottom of this article and get in touch with us so we can look into your order.

– Bad quality image provided.

– Missing information on your card, such as ratings, stats etc.

– Inappropriate information, we do not accept orders with any inappropriate content

All of our sales are final, no refunds can be processed due to all of our shields being personalised and manufactured on demand specifically for the customer.

Any valid refunds are processed as Wall Stars UK store credits. This will ONLY allow you to place orders on

To be eligible for a replacement, your item must have been damaged in the delivery process or if a mistake has been made by us when personalising your custom item. You must provide photo evidence of damages or mistakes.

If for some reason the shipment from us does not get delivered to you after 15 working days from shipping day we will look into this and consider the parcel as lost. 


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